Frequently asked questions

General Technology FAQs

What is the process for setting up the integrated I-Frame or API technology for our dealership? Your Manager, Salesperson or designee will fill out the SYCN web setup form. There are a few pieces of information we will require from you at first. At a minimum, we need:

  • Customer URL
  • Customer IT provider
  • Customer IT Contact Name
  • Customer IT Contact Phone
  • Customer IT Contact Email
Additionally, for basic account setup, we need:
  • Primary Contact
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
  • Accounting Contact
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
  • Transport Release Contact
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
What happens if the IATS technology breaks? It is our goal to keep your integrated tools fully functional at all times. If something goes wrong with the IATS technology, we will do everything in our power to fix it as quickly as possible--in most cases, repairs will be made in 24-48 hours.

Lead Generation FAQs

Explain the lead capture process. How soon do we get those leads? Will you sell those leads to anyone else? Leads are captured (assuming your individual installation is set up to do so) within 10 minutes after the user discontinues in the webform. Leads are then fed to you--and you alone--immediately. If your system is capable, they can be integrated directly to your DMS.

Payment Terms FAQs

What are our payment terms? Each client will complete the Wholesale agreement and terms will be set up according to our standard accounting procedures. Terms are typically 10 to 30 days but may differ based on individual circumstances, once reviewed with accounting.

Pricing and Quotes

How does vehicle transport pricing work in general? The vehicle logistics industry is a market-driven industry that operates by simple supply and demand. The higher the demand for or the lower the supply of available trucks, the higher the price and vice-versa. We use historical trends combined with real-time data to set prices designed to pick up vehicles in the time frame selected. Transport prices fluctuate in real time, meaning any changes to the market that affects supply or demand on a particular route will also affect prices on that route. How does the transport pricing using IATS compare to other transport companies? IATS uses real-time, market-driven pricing; it will always be competitive and accurate, based on historical trends and real-time data. Pricing is calibrated to the time frame selected for pickup and is designed to deliver on that expectation. Because at SYCN, we offer many behind-the-scenes features (i.e. selecting only top-rated carriers to help ensure a smooth transport, contingent cargo insurance in the event something goes wrong and a team of Managers to handle damage claims, to name just a few), our pricing will NOT always be the cheapest but will always be competitive. Do I get a discount for multiple vehicles on one truck? Yes, the pricing tool calculates discounts for multiple units as they are entered, up to ten units maximum. Will my quoted price or my customer's quoted price change from the initial quote? It can. The system is real-time, so prices can change, both up and down, depending on market circumstances. Typically, prices vary by no more than a few dollars (usually less than 5%) within a reasonable time frame of a week or so. Extreme circumstances, however, may drive prices higher quickly, such as regional emergencies like hurricanes, fires or flooding. In those circumstances, the new price is the correct price because it is what it will take to facilitate the transport in the designated time frame at that time. If a customer’s price moves slightly due to normal market fluctuations ( not extreme circumstances), the price may be manually manipulated to the previous price within a 14-day period, if desired. Currently, this requires that you email the quote number and the adjustment request to the address on the bottom of the quote page. Can we lock in a quote? If so, how long are they good for? Yes and no. Prices may be manually manipulated to a quoted price within a 14-day period, if desired, barring extreme circumstances. Currently, this requires that you email the quote number and the adjustment request to the address on the bottom of the quote page. Under extreme circumstances, such as regional events like hurricanes, fires or flooding, the new price is the correct price because it is what it will take to facilitate the transport in the designated time frame at that time, given those circumstances.

Revenue Sharing FAQs

How does revenue sharing work? If an IATS client chooses to enter into a revenue sharing agreement, SYCN will work with them to determine how to calibrate prices to meet the client's revenue goals while still meeting SYCN’s revenue goals. We will work together in full transparency to determine if there is sufficient revenue available to do so, based on historical performance of the IATS system. We will always work to maximize the volume that flows through the website in relation to acceptable revenue models. Both parties should be prepared to adjust as needed to find the maximum combination of volume and revenue that still provides their consumer a fair price for shipping.

Tech Options FAQs

How long does it take to get set up with an API integrated solution? In general, the time frame required to implement an API solution is driven by your web development resources or your web provider. Certain traditional dealership website providers are set up to implement our systems quickly. Check with your provider representative to see if your provider has already completed a SYCN API integration in another setting. If not, we will provide the API solution your development resources need within 24 hours of executing the API agreement, to get your project started quickly. We are available throughout implementation to provide support, typically responding to support requests within 24 hours. How long does it take to get set up with a Retail I-Frame solution? We can provide your web development resources with a URL to insert within your web solution within 48 hours of completing a signed agreement. How long does it take to get set up with a dealer portal tool via I-Frame technology? Typically, we complete the implementing process within two days after we receive internet-ready artwork and a signed agreement. Can I switch from I-Frame to API or vice-versa, if I want? The short answer is yes, but it would be unusual to want to switch from API to I-Frame. The typical progression is to begin with I-Frame for its ease of installation, then convert to API for its user-friendliness and customizability when your programming resources are able to do so.

Shipping and Timing FAQs

How will I know when to expect my vehicle on the designated day? The driver assigned to your move will be in direct contact with you (or your receiving party designee) to make final arrangements for delivery. Please be sure all destination information is accurate when placing the order, including multiple contacts, if available. What happens when my vehicle isn’t picked up within the "guaranteed" time frame? We do our best to always meet pickup times based on the customer’s selection; however, sometimes circumstances out of our control (breakdowns, storms, major accidents, road closures, etc.) can affect this date. When this happens, we will proactively communicate the situation to you and do our best to pick up your vehicle at the soonest possible agreeable time. If, for any reason within our control, we fail to meet the pickup timeline as defined by your selected service model, you will be refunded back the difference to the lessor service model price that coincides with our actual pick up date. Are vehicles insured during transit? Carriers are required to carry cargo insurance for the loads they carry. At SYCN, we also carry contingent cargo insurance, just in case the carrier’s insurance is insufficient to fully cover the load, in the event of damage. Acts of God (hail, flying debris, storm damage, etc.) would be covered under the individual vehicle insurance policy.

Training FAQs

What kind of training do you offer my staff to use this technology? Training is available as needed to learn the system. We designed IATS to be extremely intuitive, so training for most people typically takes less than 20 minutes.